The most frequently used forms during any given year are on the last few pages of the manual. Please refer to your manual for:

  • Annual Report Forms and the guidelines for completing them.
  • Annual Gaming Forms and the guidelines for completing them.
  • Application for membership to join an L.A. – further instruction on Pages 5-9 in the manual
  • Application for membership Transfer to another L.A. further instructions see pages 5-9 in the
  • Declaration of Ladies Auxiliary Service form.
  • Application for Life Membership, Citation, copies of minutes when approved by the membership and the fees that must accompany this application – see pages 7 & 28 of your manual.

Please check with the Command Office prior to sending your completed applications to be sure they are filled in properly and are complete. This will avoid delay in processing.

These forms must be printed off, filled in, and signed by the appropriate executive members. Due to the fact that they need signatures you are unable to send them in from the website at this time. Please mail all your completed forms to the LA to BC/Yukon Command Office to the attention of the Secretary.

The address is as follows: #101-17618 58 Avenue, Surrey B.C. V3S 1L3

For forms that are not listed in the manual please contact the LA to BC/Yukon Office secretary at
1-888-261-2211 and she will provide them.

LA Command President